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Related post: siders it far superior to iodoform in every way, and has
for several months given up the use of the latter alto-
gether. I saw many wounds in which silver had been
used, generally the citrate, commercially known as
"itrol," and they were all dry and free from irritation.
Crede is also experimenting with silk and catgut su-
tures impregnated with a solution of " itrol." I saw Ivermectin Where To Buy such
stitches removed in a case of inguinal hernia on the
ninth da}', the dressing having consisted of silver gauze.
The wound was absolutely drj*. Crede assured me that
he had not seen it otherwise since he had been using
these Buy Cheap Ivermectin sutures.
Sanger, in Leipsic, is very careful in preparing the
skin of patients and of his hands. He scrubs his hands
repeatedly with green soap Order Ivermectin Online mixed with a fine sand, then
immerses them in alcohol, and finally scrubs them with
a watery solution of corrosive sublimate (1 to 1,000). To
make his sublimate solution he employs tablets of corro-
sive sublimate and tartaric acid which dissolve very
quickly. Operator and assistants wear freshly sterilized
go^vns, and, during cceliotomies, also sterihzed caps. Dur-
ing an operation the instruments lie oh sterilized cloths,
not in any solution. Gauze sponges only are used; be-
fore the beginning of the operation they are moistened
with a Ivermectin Online sterilized soda solution. They stand within reach
of the operator in the can in which they were sterilized,
and thus are only touched by the operator from the time
they have been put into the sterilizer until they go into
the wound. As a suture and ligature material silk is used,
Sanger even burying it in the anterior vaginal wall. For
buried sutures in the posterior vaginal wall catgut is em-
ployed, because Sanger has found that here the silk, if
buried, would irritate. The silk is boiled and placed in
Bergmann's solution, a one-per-cent. solution of corrosive
sublimate in eighty per cent, alcohol. During the opera-
tion the silk lies in a l-to-1,000 watery solution of Ivermectin Buy Online sub-
limate. After the operations of the day are completed
the silk is again boiled and preserved in Bergmann's so-
lution. Scalpels are placed in a perforated metallic case
and boiled with the other instruments. Being in a sepa-
rate case prevents their being knocked against by other
instruments and thereby dulled. To dilate the uterine
cavity Sanger uses laminaria tents; they are sterilized by
placing them in a boiling five-per-cent. solution of car-
bolic acid, in which they can remain one and a half to two
minutes, Ivermectin Buy depending on their Buy Ivermectin For Humans size, without injuring them.
Prepared in this way they never give rise to any infec-
tion, and obviate the use of an anaesthetic to dilate the
uterine cavity.
At the Frauenklinik, in Berlin, both Ohlshausen and
Winter are very thorough in their antiseptic and aseptic
arrangements. In vaginal operations no towels are placed
over the patients, but the lower part of the abdomen,
the vulva, the buttocks, and the upper part of the thighs
are thoroughly scrubbed with soap and water; then alco-
hol is used, and finally sublimate. Instruments, after
having been boiled, lie in glass trays, not in any Purchase Ivermectin solu-
As suture and ligature material, in contradistinction
to Hamburg, Dresden, and Leipsic, catgut is used al-
most exclusively. It is boiled in a dilute Buy Ivermectin Dogs solution of
alcohol to Buy Ivermectin For Dogs which five-per-cent. carbolic acid is added.
They use medium-sized gut chiefly, and it is very strong.
Even vaginal and abdominal hysterectomies are per-
formed with only this gut as hgature material. For
vaginal or abdominal drainage iodoform gauze is em-
ployed. A separate operating room is devoted only to
In most of the other Berlin gyuEecological clinics the
arrangements are similar. Catgut is used almost entirely.
Mackenrodt was at the time using catgut which he boils
over a water bath in a solution that boils at 100° C. As
he was not yet through with his experiments he did not
wish to mention the composition of the solution, but
assured me that he found the gut sterile as regarded all
ordinary germs; but that he had not yet succeeded in
killing the germs of anthrax. He has been using catgut
prepared in this way for .several months, and is Buy Ivermectin well
satisfied with it. It certainly is very strong, and I have
rarely seen a piece torn.
Martin, of Generic Ivermectin Berlin, does all his work at his large private
clinic. Where To Buy Ivermectin He is very dexterous with the knife, and even
more so with the needle. It would appear as if his good
results were largely due to this dexterity, Purchase Ivermectin Online for he makes
but little attempt to thoroughly carry out the principles
of asepsis and antisepsis. He performs all his operations,
both vaginal and abdominal, in the sitting position. At
his vaginal operations he wears Buy Ivermectin For Guinea Pigs a rubber apron, which
he adjusts before beginning his operation; he also grasps
the buttocks of the Where Can I Buy Ivermectin patient, touches the table or his chair,
and goes right on with his operation as if Where To Buy Ivermectin For Dogs nothing Cheap Ivermectin had
happened. The patient is chloroformed outside and
placed on the table with most of her clothes on. After
the clothes are removed the lower part of the vulva is
shaved, not the mons Veneris, neither is the Order Ivermectin shaving
done very thoroughly. Then the parts are scriibbed.
The only disinfection of the vagina consists in irrigation.
Some instruments lie on an ordinary table, not on any
sterilized cloths; other instruments lie in sterilized water
on the operator's left side. Some instruments are taken

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